Mercedes-Benz Class E

The E-Class is the most famous and distinctive model in the Mercedes-Benz fleet, aimed at private travellers who value quality, elegance, state-of-the-art technology, versatility and exceptional comfort. Recommended for up to 3 passengers and maximum two pieces of luggage.

Mercedes-Benz Class S

Undoubtedly the most exclusive model of Mercedes-Benz, dedicated to the most demanding travelers due to its incomparable interior, design, sophistication and the latest technological innovations. To guarantee maximum comfort and well-being to our passengers, we recommend this vehicle for transfers, tours, diplomatic visits or business events for maximum 3 persons and two pieces of luggage.

Mercedes-Benz Class V

Within the Mercedes-Benz family you can find this luxurious minivan. It is very functional and suitable for the distinct, convenient and safe transport of families, small groups or business travellers. This model brings together everything you need: functionality, versatility and a spacious and comfortable cabin. Despite its official capacity for 7 persons (plus the driver), to guarantee maximum comfort to its travellers (especially on long journeys), we recommend this vehicle for up to 5 passengers.